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Customized Bamboo Backscratchers and Shoehorns
For Advertising or Store Promotions.

I’ve searched the market, and am confident that these are the finest bamboo backscratchers available anywhere. These backscratchers are cut from mature Moso Bamboo, and are very strong and sturdy. The handle is a comfortable handfilling 1 1/2" wide, not a skinny stick like you'll find on other backscratchers. Not only does the wide handle provide a comfortable grip, it is also the perfect place to add custom printing. The handles are also stiff, so the backscratcher won't bend away from your back when you're trying to scratch hard.

Your logo must be 2.5" X 0.75" or smaller to fit. Multiple colors are fine, but bolder dark colors show up better against the natural pale yellow color of the bamboo. If you don't have a suitable imprint, our in house art department can help lay out and design one for you. For quick turnaround time, we apply your logo here using custom printed clear labels. For larger orders (over 2000 pieces), we also offer single color screen printing.

These are great for giveaways at trade shows, conventions, state fairs etc. Not only are the people who you give them to more likely to keep these in their homes, (Really, who needs another pen?) but they will actually drive more traffic to your booth because people at the show or convention will see other people walking around with them and want to know where they can get one. To get the most bang out of your advertising buck, it's best to spend it on something that people will actually use. Set yourself apart from everyone else and stop giving people something that they already have too much of. If you hand out things that people don't need, they're just going to end up throwing it and your advertising dollar away as they get home. Email for inquiries.

Plain Backscratcher
Combination Backscratcher / Shoehorn
Long Backscratcher / Shoehorn
Backscratcher / Massager
$197 (1.97)
$199 (1.99)
$232 (2.32)
$259 (2.59)
$489 (1.63)
$495 (1.65)
$597 (1.99)
$693 (2.31)
$750 (1.50)
$765 (1.53)
$925 (1.85)
$1,105 (2.21)
$1,430 (1.43)
$1,450 (1.45)
$1,780 (1.78)
$2,160 (2.16)
$2,740 (1.37)
$2,780 (1.39)
$3,440 (1.72)
$4,220 (2.11)
$4,950 (0.97)
$4,950 (0.99)
$6,600 (1.32)
$9,950 (1.99)
$9,300 (0.93)
$9,500 (0.95)
$12,800 (1.28)
$18,900 (1.89)
$13,350 (0.89)
$13,650 (0.91)
$18,600 (1.24)
$26,850 (1.79)